Ngerengere River Eco Camp

Non-governmental organization


We started a new pilot project: We offer breakfast and lunch for all 120 students

at our Happy Bricks Primary School!



Our Organization planned the project together with the

school children, their parents, teachers and local

leaders. In our meetings we agreed on the following:

1) All parents contributed 20kg of maize.

2) Ngerengere River Eco Camp already bought all 

    cooking materials (plates, cups, spoons, pots etc.).

3) Other cooking ingredients as well as the school

    attendant´s salary must be covered every month by

    donations from Eco Camp supporters.



First of all, no child can study well if s/he is hungry, and many students do not get

breakfast before school. These two meals will provide the students with more energy

and healthier nutrition. We believe that it will make the students come to class more

regularly. Some parents have already promised us to send their children for extra




The pilot project started on 2 October 2017. It will be for

ten months, but if we can find enough donos, the project

will continue even after July 2018.



The breakfast consists of hot porridge which is the typical

Tanzanian food for children. For lunch the students are

served Ugali (=local food made out of maize flour) with

beans and green vegetables.



Getrude has been recently recruited as a school

attendant. She is a professional teacher and a very

motivated woman. Getrude cooks the meals, cleans the

school area, supervises and teaches the children before

the teachers arrive and brings order to the school. We

are very happy to have found the perfect person for this




If you have the chance and the wish to support the

schoolchildren with this project you can cover the donation for a month. It is also

possible to donate a part of the costs. To prepare two meals for 120 students every

day, we need 855,000 TZS = 327 € = USD 383 = GBP297 each month.

If you are interested to support this project you can contact us for further

information and agreements. Or you can donate directly with the reference "food

project". Check our link 'Donating and Fundraising' under 'Get involved'.