Ngerengere River Eco Camp

Non-profit Organization


NGERIV couldn't be successful in its enterprises without the essential support of

other NGOs and companies. We list here all our partners that assisted us and

continue to do so. Our most sincere appreciation and gratitude to all for helping

us deliver resources and hope.

READ International

Read International  (, is a student-led NGO created in

2004. Its main goal is to collect textbooks throughout UK and send them to various schools

in Tanzania and Uganda in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of each country.

Read International has received the awards of  'Best New Charity' in the Charity Times

Awards 2007, and ‘Best International Aid and Development Charity’ in the Charity Awards

2010 and Best Corporate Partnership in the Institute of Fundraising Awards 2010. 


Want to support grassroots social projects around the world? Omprakash is a free

network that connects volunteers and donors with over 100 "Partner" projects in more

than 30 countries. Omprakash Partners address issues in the sectors of health and

education, and they generally seek support in the form of volunteers, material

resources, and financial donations. There are no administrative fees associated with

volunteering, and Omprakash offers competitive Volunteer Grants to defray travel

costs for prospective volunteers. Check it out:

A group of volunteers set up this website in 2004 in order to make opportunities more

accessible and bring together development projects and volunteers around the world.

It distinguishes itself from other similar organizations due to only list projects that

charge low or no fees (other than reasonable food and accommodation costs). 

Paper for All (, is an NGO created in 2006 to help children learn in

better conditions in one of the most illiterate countries in the world Burkina Faso, Africa.

The organization provides academic resources to improve the learning conditions of

children (6-14 years old) in five elementary schools (2,500 children) in Ouagadougou,

Burkina Faso.


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