Ngerengere River Eco Camp

Non-profit Organization


 Water & Health Campaign

April 2016

    The program intends to improve health at

household level in Lukwambe. Many families

are drinking water directly from the river

untreated, thus spreading diseases such as:

worms, typhoid, amoebic dysentery , cholera,

etc.  We intend to increase awareness on

general public health and reduce transmittable diseases in the area.

Travel Documentary

January 2015

Gabriele and Felipe are a traveling

team from Brazil visiting African

and Asian countries looking for

people who are “change makers”

 who work to effectively improve

the life of others. Their major

objective is to become more

conscious people and develop

essential capabilities in favor of social transformation.

They were with us in Bwawani!!! Read about their experience:


Fish Pond

September 2014

With the help of our volunteers we now have a fish pond.

The purpose of this project is to create a model to teach

and be adopted by rural people at the household level

which would increase income, improve nutrition while

considering environment impact.

The pond is surrounded with trees for shade and creeping grass to feed the fish.


 New Manager

11 July 2013

We are proud to announce the hiring of a new

manager to help with NGERIV's daily activities.

Moringe Ole Mominda is a local Masaai and now

our first employee with a monthly wage: " I am

very happy to work with NGERIV. I came to

realise that my secondary school education

helped me to get this opportunity ." 

 This was only possible through the help of Mr. Frank Symington and Mrs Holly Tucker,

that pledged to support our organization and gather efforts to build a NGERIV Model

School. To them we owe our most sincere gratitude!


Solar Energy

2 April 2012

Following our final deal with the Canadian

company, Glenenergy, we will receive a batc

h of products in May to be sold to the wider

community at accessible prices. These items

include a set of  KN 3024 lamp with 4W solar inclusive with AC/DC charger at a price of

TZS 25000 ($16) from TZS 59000 ($38). 

The sales will be used to fund Ngeriv in its daily activities.


WIDOWS credit scheme

10 March 2012 

New funds have been generated through the sale of livestock and seedlings from tree

nurseries. From these funds the Widows Credit Scheme was created and its loans revolve

among the widows themselves with a loans' capacity up to TZS 40,000. They use the

money in their small businesses such as buying and selling vegetables and fruits and to

cook and sell food in the market. Previously, they were getting such credits from micro

credit institutions with long and hectic conditions and procedures.


Renewable Energy

1 October 2011

A new partnership has been created between Ngeriv

and Glenergy, a Canadian company

offering sustainable energy alternatives. From

their commitment to World development, a new project has emerged aiming to be

implemented throughout all Tanzania. While it facilitates the creation of solar

entrepreneurs it brings a new alternative to the energy problems in the rural environment.


Through a micro credit scheme, solar panels and LED lamps will be provided at an

accessible price. The presence of solar power in our village, has the potential of

considerably reduce the consumption of kerosene and improve the livelihoods of the

villagers, regarding their general health and the reduction of costs on energetic

consumption. For more information, please visit .



Alternative Means of Income

31 May 2011

With the help of volunteers from abroad, we were able to offer 1000 seedlings (Gmelina

Arborea and White Teak species) to the Widows groups.

 We intend to encourage the individuals to manage their own tree nursery in order to sell

it in the market. This can have several benefits to the improvement of the household



 Fundraising in Brighton & Hove, UK to Supply School Books

 24 May, 2011

    We are happy to announce that around 200 school

books of Mathematics will arrive in mid August. These

will be delivered to the Gwata Secondary School in

order to be distributed among the students. 


    This initiative was only possible through the efforts

of a previous volunteer from UK. A special thanks to

her, the Brighton & Hove High School for supplying the

books and the Read International organization for

shipping them.

         If you are interested to donate school books,

please contact us and we will arrange affordable

shipping options.


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