Environment & Community Development


  Volunteerism is the concept that made the

creation of NGERIV possible. Due to lack of

financial support, all the projects rely on

willing people eager to contribute with ideas,

skills and hard work. Most of these volunteers

are local friends that regardless of their own

difficulties, were from the beginning willing to spare time for a good cause.

    Cultural exchange is also paramount in NGERIV's philosophy. This phenomenon enables

 exchange of ideas, new global social networks, and new horizons for both parties.  



Let's start off with what you, as a volunteer, will find when joining our team. We have  

two main locations. Our office in the Bwawani village and the Eco Camp in Lukwambe.


In Bwawani you will experience first-hand life in an African village. Get ready to make

lots of new friendships, as there aren't so many foreigners around here. Our extensive

social network will provide access to all institutions in the area and even the chance to

meet the Masaai community in a friendly and respectful manner, with no tourism

agencies making a buck out of this human interaction.


In Lukwambe, you will enjoy our Eco camp! Located right next to the Ngerengere river

and submerged in nature with all its fauna and flora. We provide accommodation here

and a space for workshops such as the manufacture of straw or clay objects, cook typical

dishes, making Masai jewels and much more.Workshops need to be arranged in advance

and may have extra costs in case specific materials are required.



We provide various volunteer placements due to our close relationship with local

institutions, such as teaching in secondary schools, working in orphanages, help

out with medical assistance and so on. We also need helping hands and know

how to help in the daily run and improve our projects. 


We require a 2-week minimum commitment and a fee of 95 US$ per week, in

exchange of accommodation, food, transport, airport pick-up and Kiswahili

lessons. Fees can be further negotiated in case of long term volunteering.


Project Initiators are also really important for us! Project proposals need to be

related to either education, environmental sustainability, or creation of sources

of income. Funds to initiate the project need to be created by the volunteer,

since our resources are scarce. In these cases, volunteering costs and required

time commitment will be discussed and agreed upon.





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