Environment & Community Development

    NGERIV started as an initiative of Mr Remigius Mushenga in association with local

volunteers and organizations. Located in Bwawani village, it aims to engage

communities towards a development plan involving education, alternative means

of income and environmental sustainability.

   It became a registered organization (no.189625) in 2009, in order to expand its capacity

for action.

     NGERIV 's philosophy is to work with the community, for the community. All our efforts

are a response to local issues, such as illiteracy, poverty, lack of infrastructures, and

environmental damage.




  It is not possible to speak about NGERIV, without mentioning

its founder director, Mr Remigius Mushenga. Raised in very

poor conditions in rural Tanzania, he also faced the same

obstacles that comes with economic hardship. From this

awareness, soon he realised that the communities around

needed help paving the way to development.


Over the years he has been involved in many community

development projects:

  •  In 1986 opened a small pharmacy in Bwawani village.   
  • In 1987 -1999 established an informal NGO, ARCNI (Association for Rural Children

        Nutrition Improvement);

  • In 2002 - 2008 became a volunteer secretary in the Wildlife Management Area of

        Wami Mbiki;

  • In 2006  started the construction of the Eco Camp and the Sustainable Charcoal


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